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To develop any successful app, you need to have a good number of IT-experts. If you don’t have any at the moment, we have an awesome team for you. Our talented IT-professionals are known for their dedication. They are always happy to help you out with any of your app development needs. Now we want to share this experience with you and offer you our outstaff services. If you need a developer, a project manager or any other expert, we will give the best candidates for you. Also if you need the entire outstaffing team, we will be happy pick the most appropriate team for you.

Business Analyst

Mobile app developers leedsHaving several years of experience in market analysis, our business analyst can identify the specific product that the market needs. Also, the business analyst will have a good knowledge of user-friendly features and look. The Business Analyst will help the seamless communication between the technical and management team. The business analyst will make sure the successful launching of the app.




Project Manager

app developers leedsThe Project Manager will take care of the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. He or she will keep you posted on the development process of the project. He or she is also responsible for the entire paperwork needed for the project for you.





Android/iOS Developers and Backend Developers

app developers brisbaneOur android/iOS developers are trained on the entire of the chain of tasks from the concept development until the final release. You can hire either Android or iOS developer as per your need. You have a choice of hiring both as well. Our developers have several years of experience in successful development of apps. Our backend developers will cover the testing and debugging part for you. If you have hired our Android/iOS developers, you are protected from any defects anytime during the process.




UX/UI designer

app development gold coastOur designers are known for designing user-friendly interface for the application. We have a very good coordinated UI and UX designers. So rest assured that you will have both perfect functionality and appearance for your app.






Quality Assurance Engineer

app developers yorkshireWe have a 12-point quality testing system which our QA engineers will use to ensure you have the top quality app. We will test at each step of the development to detect and fix any discrepancies popping up in the application during the development process itself. We are always up to speed with the latest developments and trends in the industry.





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